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Transform Grief into Growth with
The Visit Box
Your Essential Tool for Healing

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Grief Journey

Embrace Healing and Honor with the
Go, Not Gone Baton 
Carry Their Legacy Forward!

Self Care 

"I Am Unattached To The Outcome"

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Positive Memories Grief Recovery Worksheet​

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''Positive Memories Grief Recovery Worksheet


Meet your Coach

Regan Espinosa, grief coach and creator of the innovative (W)hole In My Heart grief recovery program, understands loss firsthand. After the sudden death of her father in 2020, she channeled her grief into creating transformative tools like The Visit Box™ and the Go, Not Gone Baton™. Through her own journey of healing and understanding the stages of grief, Regan developed the Whole in My Heart grief model and tools to help others find meaning and honor their loved ones. Join her in navigating the sixth stage of grief - Finding Meaning - and discover how to apply these tools to your life, honoring those you've lost along the way..

The Go Not Gone Baton™ was born out of a deeply personal journey of remembrance and honor. Inspired by the loving support of a father who cheered on relay races in high school, the idea of passing the baton symbolizes not just a physical exchange, but a spiritual handover of encouragement and motivation. As the baton is passed from one hand to another, the echoes of "Go!" resonate, carrying with them the unwavering spirit of a loved one. Just like a teammate cheering you on during a relay, the Go Not Gone Baton continues this legacy of support, guiding you towards your goals and dreams, infused with the strength and love of those who have passed on.​

Carry Their Legacy Forward with the Go, Not Gone Baton™ – Transform Grief into Purpose!


Honor your loved ones with the Go, Not Gone Baton™
- Transform grief into purpose through tangible remembrance
- Therapeutic outlet for emotions and memories
- Symbolic commitment to carrying on their spirit
- Innovative tool to navigate the 6th stage of grief
- Embrace new year resolutions with profound significance


The Visit Box™  
Purpose through the pain. The (patent pending) Visit Box was created through my grief journey. The (W)Hole in my Heart coaching process was the freedom to grieve without labeling a stage of grief. Through loss can come creative love.
The Visit Box is a 10”x5” 10lb box to hold the special items left at a loved one’s burial site, and keep them safe from the natural elements of weather and wildlife. It is also used indoors to hold items that are special remembering your loved one.

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What is Grief Coaching? 
Grief coaching is a specialized form of support designed to help individuals navigate the grieving process and cope with loss. Unlike grief counseling or therapy, which typically focuses on addressing grief's emotional and psychological aspects, grief coaching takes a more proactive and goal-oriented approach

  • Do you feel like... you would like to be healthier while you grieve?
  • Does it seem... No one understands your grief? 
  • Are you frustrated that... some days you feel good and others you do not? 
  • And when it comes down to it, do you...  feel you can move in your grief journey but would like the next step after grief counseling?  

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Are you searching for a dynamic and inspirational speaker who can truly connect with your audience? Look no further than Regan, a seasoned public speaker who has graced the stages of church conferences, fundraisers, women's retreats, and grief support groups with her powerful message of hope and healing. With a unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise, Regan offers valuable insights drawn from her own journey through grief. Her (W)Hole in my Heart grief coaching is a transformative experience that goes beyond traditional grief stages, focusing on the essential cycles that help us become whole again after the profound loss of a loved one. Regan's talks are not only deeply moving but also provide practical therapeutic outlets for honoring and remembering our cherished ones. Invite Regan to your event, and she will inspire your audience to embrace their grief as a path to personal growth and renewed purpose. Book her today and let her guide your audience towards a brighter, more hopeful future.